Student Delegations


Grimshaw Student Delegations to Iran (2016, left), Serbia (2016, middle) and Jordan (2015, right). 

The Grimshaw Club is one of the few LSE societies to organise academic trips for students each year to countries of particular political interest. Grimshaw student delegations not only provide experiences of different cultures around the world, but are also unique learning opportunities with the potential to meet politicians, government officials, diplomats, civil society actors, academics, journalists and alumni for discussions relating to the trip’s thematic focus.

In recent years destinations have included, among many others: Jordan, Myanmar, Pakistan, Singapore, Rwanda, Georgia, Iran, Geneva, Israel/Palestine, Belarus, Colombia, Russia, Bosnia, North Korea, and Ukraine.

All Grimshaw members can apply for a place on any of the student trips (it is not too late to buy Grimshaw membership).

The trips are held during the holidays with the destinations and itineraries chosen by members who put forth trip proposals to the Grimshaw committee’s elected Trips Officer.

Information on 2018 Trips:

After a thoroughly turbulent year in international affairs throughout 2017, our excellent trip leaders have worked incredibly hard to offer you the opportunity to get up close to some of the most interesting locations in world politics today.

Trips will be running to:

  • Brussels, Belgium

  • Barcelona, Catalonia

  • Havana, Cuba

  • Kiev, Ukraine

  • Tbilisi, Georgia


Information for Michaelmas Term 2017/18:

For more information on the 2018 Grimshaw Trips, please download this year’s Trip Brochure. Information will be updated on this website as soon as itineraries and costs are confirmed.

Read about the experiences of past delegates:

The current Trips Officer is Nick Wyatt, who can be reached at for any inquiries regarding Trips.