Grimshaw is proud to host several types of forums where students, faculty, the greater LSE community, and special guests can interact.

The first is Conversations, which are mostly held before/around lunchtime and provide academics from the IR Department and Grimshaw Members with a friendly environment, discussing a topic of the academic’s choice over coffee, tea and biscuits.

We also invite special guests, ranging from members of think tanks, politicians, academics, etc. to participate in Talks and Panels on subjects related to their fields of expertise. Members of the LSE community are given the opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussion as well.

Finally, we host our Ambassador Series, where ambassadors representing various countries are invited to host talks on current events, either at the LSE or at their London embassy. It is a fantastic opportunity for LSE students to meet and interact with diplomats, ministers, etc. from countries all over the world.

Upcoming Events

For information on all of our upcoming events, follow us on Facebook! An overview of speakers we have previously hosted can be found in our events archive.