2017/18 Committee

We are the current committee for 2017/18. Please get in touch if you have any questions, comments or suggestions!

President: Julia Cournoyer


Hi, I’m Julia and I am this year’s President for the Grimshaw Society. I oversee Grimshaw’s events over the year and manage our wonderful committee. I’m a British/American undergraduate studying a BSc in International Relations. Last year I was the society’s Secretary and the year before, a Speaker’s Officer – I am very glad to be part of such an incredible and productive committee again this year. I’m particularly interested in Modern Warfare, and my passion lies in filmmaking and documentaries! Please feel free to email me with any ideas for the society, the blog, or if you want to get involved in the committee. Even if you’re not from LSE, there are lots of opportunities to collaborate or get you involved so definitely send me an email!

I look forward to another incredible year for Grimshaw.

Email: J.Cournoyer@lse.ac.uk  / Linkedin

Vice President: Horatio Lyons


Hello! I’m Horatio and am this year’s Vice President. I’m a French-Australian undergraduate reading International Relations and History and was the Grimshaw’s First Year Officer last year. I’m particularly interested in peace-building and geopolitics in Europe and South-East Asia, and I look forward to working with our committee and members to make this year a successful one. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Email: H.Lyons2@lse.ac.uk / LinkedIn

Secretary: Hannah Ballew


Hi, I’m Hannah, this years secretary for the Grimshaw Society. I am from San Diego, CA and i’m in the general course at LSE, studying International Relations. My home institution is Tulane University, where I study International Relations and International Development. My main interests are Peace and Conflict Studies, specifically in the Middle East. I’m looking forward to some amazing lectures, interesting debates, and getting to know all the members. Please contact me with questions, suggestions, or if you’re just looking to chat!

Email: H.M.Ballew@lse.ac.uk / Linkedin

Treasurer: Krzysztof Sek


Hi, I’m Chris and I am the Treasurer of the Grimshaw Club. I oversee Grimshaw’s events and activities from the financial perspective over the year and liaise with the Students’ Union. I’m a Polish undergraduate studying Accounting and Finance. My interests include acting/drama (I direct a play for the LSE Drama Society this year), water sports (mainly surfing) and reading the FT with a smirk on my face. When it comes to international relations, my scope of interests is largely focused on cross-border mergers and acquisitions and their impact on markets, regulation and politics.

Email: K.Sek@lse.ac.uk / Linkedin

Trips Manager: Rhydian Jones 


As Trips Officer, I oversee the trips and act as a liaison between the organisers and the International Relations department at the LSE. I’m a third year undergraduate from Wales studying for a BSc in International Relations. My main interests in international relations include separatism and European integration.

Email: R.T.Jones@lse.ac.uk / LinkedIn

Speaker’s Officer: Georgia Herde


I am a postgraduate student doing the MSc in International Relations and I am Speakers Officer for the Grimshaw Club this year. My interests largely focus on theories of democracy and peace-building. My recent travels to Israel and the West Bank have also led me to become fascinated by interstate relations in the Middle East. I look forward to bringing a host of engaging and topical speakers to the Club so that our members can confront the most pertinent issues of our day and can interact with some of the most influential political minds of this generation.

Email: G.Herde@lse.ac.uk / LinkedIn

Speaker’s Officer: Bhargav Sriganesh


Hi! I am a postgraduate student from Singapore, reading Political Science and Political Economy. I will be serving as Grimshaw’s Speaker’s Officer for this year. My research interests revolve around the economic, social, political and geo-strategic developments in Southeast Asia. I would love to organise panel events that are unique, thought-provoking and intellectually stimulating. Please contact me if you have any ideas about possible speakers for our events!

Email: B.Sriganesh@lse.ac.uk / LinkedIn

Speaker’s Officer: Hamza Tariq Chaudhry


Hi! I’m Hamza from Lahore, Pakistan. I represented Pakistan at the World Schools Debating Championship 2015 in Singapore, and was selected as part of the dais at the 2017 rendition of WorldMUN in Montreal. Last year, I interned at the Woodrow Wilson Centre and at the Hudson Institute in Washington DC, where I conducted book and report research on pertinent issues concerning South Asia. I am a first-year student for a BSc in International Relations, and hope to pursue a career in diplomacy for my home country. An important part of that journey is the Grimshaw Club, where I hope to work with a society of like-minded individuals from across the world to help foster the next generation of academics, career leaders and experts in IR. I enjoy playing the piano, reading, and hope that Manchester United win the Premier League again soon.

Email: H.Tariq-Chaudhry@lse.ac.uk / LinkedIn

Speaker’s Officer: Tom Fenu 

Hi! I’m Tom – a General Course student spending his year at LSE in the International Relations department. I was born in Paris, raised in the suburbs of the French capital, and moved out to the US after acquiring my French baccalaureate to pursue my higher education at Wheaton College, a private four-year liberal arts school in the Boston area. I am interested in progressive domestic and foreign policy-making, particularly refugee-oriented policy, which has led me to join the Roosevelt Institute network, a policy-think tank based in New York City. His interests have also led him to interning at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the Massachusetts State Office for Refugees and Immigrants (ORI). Being interested in current global matters, I seek to be further challenged by the talks and activities the Grimshaw society will be organising this year.

Email: T.A.Fenu@lse.ac.uk / LinkedIn

Social Officer: Laia Comerma

Hello! I am a Catalan postgraduate student taking the MSc in International Relations at LSE. I will be serving as a Social Events Officer this forthcoming year and I am very excited about it, with loads of ideas already in my mind! Taking part in the Grimshaw Club will be an endowing experience for me and I hope to make it as enriching as I possibly can for all of you as well. I am confident that Grimshaw will allow me to meet very different people with ever more interesting backgrounds and experience and I hope to learn a lot from this year with you. As I previously studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics, I come from quite an interdisciplinary background and my interests lie across many fields. However, I am interested in pursuing a future in diplomacy or working in an international organisation such as the United Nations. In particular, I am very appealed by the economic and political relations between Europe and Asia. All in all, if you come up with any idea for a social event that you would like Grimshaw to organise for you and enjoy with your society fellows, feel free to drop me an email and I will make my best to make it possible! Fins aviat!

Email: L.Comerma@lse.ac.uk / LinkedIn

Fundraising Officer: GK Teh GK

Hi! I’m your fundraising officer for this year. In my spare time, I study History of International Relations. I work with the treasurer and publicity officer to obtain sponsorship and finances, keeping the Grimshaw’s accounts healthy so we can deliver a consistently high standard of events. If you think you can help out the society financially, please drop me an email so we can go for a coffee. I look forward to meeting all of you!

Email: G.Teh@lse.ac.uk / LinkedIn

Publicity Officer: Ronald Kim


As the Publicity Officer of LSE’s oldest society, I am in charge of promoting Grimshaw’s value across social media in this year. I am a first year undergraduate student from Australia studying International Relations at LSE. Joining Grimshaw has been a magnificent opportunity for me to develop my interests in International Relations, including East Asian relations and economic globalisation with my fellow students.

I acknowledge the enormous amount of responsibility for representing this great club on social media. Based on my former experience as the Media Manager of History Society at my secondary school, I will make sure that our brand is widely recognised, our activities are clearly presented and our members can easily access to society events.

Please follow Grimshaw on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@grimshawlse) to get the latest information of our activities. You can find me at Grimshaw events and various social media platforms. Feedbacks and debates are always welcome. Participation is vital to enhance our club. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions!

Email: Z.Kim@lse.ac.uk / LinkedIn

First-Year Representative: Maitrai Lapalikar


Hi there, I’m Maitrai, the First Year Representative of the Grimshaw Club this year! I study International Relations. I’m German, but of Indian origin, and have lived in Munich for the past 10 years. Some of my main interests in International Relations include the impact of geography on governmental foreign-policy decisions, international political economy, and power relations between states on an international platform. I absolutely love to debate, play poker, and explore new cultures and societies! As your first year representative, I aim to make sure that your transition into university is as smooth and intellectually stimulating as possible, and that you feel as free as possible to come and talk to me about anything under the sun – whether it’s events you want to help organise, any feedback you might have or just a nice heated debate about international politics! Do not hesitate to give me a shout!

Email: M.P.Lapalikar@lse.ac.uk / LinkedIn